J-teckusa Flag Nano Sublimation Ink


The year was 2003 and in one of the foremost textile regions of the world, Como, Italy, three individuals with high credentials in the ink industry, Enrico Grasselli, Italo Mariani and Rosaria Pozzoni founded J-Teck. Soon thereafter they went international and recruited representatives to market the J-Teck inks and J-Teck USA was born.

Digital printing was the future of the ink industry; however, the sublimation digital print market was being strangled by a restrictive usage patent, which J-Teck had to deal with. Once having taken care of this roadblock, J-Teck headed by its savvy founders, set out to innovate all aspects of the ink and its production:

Year Milestone
2004 First production of J-Subly, dye-sublimation digital ink
2005 First production of J-Eco Subly and J-Eco Print , environmentally-friendly free from  phenol
2006 Development of Nandot Technology, innovative production process which reduces the size of the dyes to nanoparticles
2008 New EPS technology for direct printing with utmost penetration of the ink on reverse side
2009 Enlargement of the production area with the addition of a second building
2010 First production of J-Subly Premium – high quality dye sublimation ink with increased dye concentration
2011 First production of J-Next Subly – New Generation Dye Sublimation Ink with Cluster Technology
2012 Introduction of J-Next Subly Extra
2013 Launch new J-Cube RF/KF-40 for Ricoh & Kyocera printing heads at Fespa 2013


 J-Teck looks forward to continuing its research and development in order to bring the market the best digital inks for sublimation and direct print.