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Digital sublimation printing started primarily in the sportswear industry

Although more expensive than conventional printing methods, the large color gamut and short run capabilities allowed it to gain a foothold in the market.

Over the last several years digital sublimation printing has exploded into a multitude of new industries such as – sportswear, fashion, trade shows and others. The technological progression of the inks, printers and substrates as well as great strides of innovation in the market place has made it possible.

Digital sublimation printing has gone from 100 SqFt per hour to over 2000 Sqft per hour on today’s new industrial printers; this has brought the unit cost down and opened up sectors requiring mass production such as the fashion and home furnishing industries. Digital sublimation printing can now offer high speed and low cost mass production.

Market innovation keeps opening new territory for the individualization offered by sublimation digital printing. Pillows, curtains, tiles and wall panels can all be offered to a specific customer’s tastes and preferences. We’re sure to see an ever widening use in the very near future.