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Sublimation Printing for Furnishings

Custom designs and custom images can now be made available to everyone at low prices. Pillows, curtains, wall decorations and all home furnishings can have a personal touch inspired by the customer.

It’s not only cloth home furnishings that can be created with sublimation ink; floor tiles, wall tiles, counter surfaces and backsplashes can all be individually designed and produced with sublimation printing.

With the traditional method of printing, a high volume of the same design printed would be a requirement to make a printing job cost-effective; sublimation inks and digital printers can make one print of a pattern or 1000 prints of another, and making the change is not the trial that it would be with traditional printing.

The benefits of sublimating for Home Furnishings include:

Colors, blends, shadows, shapes are not limited with sublimation printing.