J-Teck Sublimation Ink


J-Teck offers a variety of disperse dye digital inks for both sublimation transfer and direct print to fabric. Our inks are constantly evolving, meeting the demands of the modern printing world. We also offer feeders and setters for most printer models. Together our feeders and inks provide vibrant images on almost any substrate.

Eco Compatibility

Main Features

J-Teck Products

Sublimation Inks

Sublimation inks are for printing on paper for transferring to textile with a heat press. J-Teck’s sublimation ink line includes 13 colors, 5 blacks and fluorescents. These inks are continuously developing to accommodate today’s high speed, large formatting printers while maintaining great quality. Our nanodot technology combined with cluster technology yields greater printability, faster drying and a more stable ink. Most recently, we’ve created a higher density ink reducing the ink limit, meaning greater saturation.

Direct Print Inks

Direct print inks are for printing directly onto fabrics. We offer a verity of direct pint inks, all in a clear carrier. Whether printing flags, banner fashion, or home furnishions, J-Teck direct print inks can do the job. For those in ed of fast drying, High-light fastness direct print is offered.

J-Feeders and Resetters

J-Teck’s feeding systems allow for a seamless flow of ink to substrate. J-Feeders provide a more efficient means of printing and maintenance. We offer several feeders and resetters to accommodate all major printers including Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson and Roland to provide efficiency.