J-Teck Direct Print Digital Ink

Direct Print

Our direct print line is used for those who print directly onto fabric. Direct print inks are generally used for flags, banners and home furnishings. Our variety of direct print inks include a strong durability line and a special liquid carrier option for double sided images. Below are the available inks with product data sheets linked.

J- ECO Next Print XP65

Combines cluster technology, our newest advancement, with a synthetic transparent carrier. The J-Next Print ink has a lower viscosity and works very well with latest DX7 print heads.

J-ECO NF60 Flag

For those who print on paper and also print direct to fabric. This sublimation ink has all the characteristics of our J-Eco Subly Nano, but is specially formulated to have a deeper penetration when printed direct to fabric.


Offers the same bright and intense colors of sublimation inks with the advantage that no washing is required after printing due to its synthetic transparent carrier.


Yields approximately four times the outdoor durability of regular sublimation inks; this makes it ideal for outdoor flags and banners. Its longer washer fastness also makes it suitable for furniture and pillows.

J-Cube RF40/KF40

Our newest introduction for use with new industrial capacity printers using Ricoh and Kyocera print head technology. Transparent synthetic carrier eliminates the need for post washing.


A specially designed carrier acting as a lubricant for the dispersed dyes, allowing for a double-sided image. Print on one side and the image appears on both sides.This is optimal for flags and banners. The outdoor durability is just as strong.