J-Teck Feeder Setup

Technology & Training

Ink development is triggered by a combination of our own motivation to improve the product along with advancements in J Geco Sportprinter technology and new applications in the market place. Each one is a building block on the other.

When J-Teck first started manufacturing over 10 years ago, there was basically only one type of print head compatible with sublimation and most of the printing was for sportswear. The plant’s early focus was on improving the characteristics of the ink for trouble free printing and eliminating any potentially harmful chemicals such as alkylphenols. J-Teck was the first ink manufacturer to remove the alkyphonels long before it became mandatory.

Print head and software technology has increased the capabilities in speed, drop size and color management. The inks have to keep ahead of the curve with smaller dye particles, lower viscosity and faster drying time. The combination of print head technology combined with high performance inks has reduced the costs of overall production allowing penetration into new markets such as fashion. The lower costs along with the versatility of digital printing has opened new areas of application in home décor, sports equipment, construction and more.

Here are some technological advancements from J-Teck:

Development of New Inks for Higher Capacity Print Heads