J-Teck Feeder Setup

Feeder Setup

Crab Feeder Setup (view as PDF)

You will need an Allen Wrench to secure the  CRAB feeder system
1. Unscrew bolts from one side of rails all the way out. Mount rails onto one (1) support bracket by making sure the open gaps of the rails are facing each other. Screw on support bracket to the end of each rail. (Do not over tighten the rails)
2. With one support bracket on, start sliding feeder plates onto rails ONE BY ONE. The spikes of the feeder plates should be facing upwards and outlets of the bottom cups should all be on the same side.
3. Once all feeder plates are on the rails, unscrew bolts from the open side of the rails and mount one (1) support bracket. Secure support bracket with bolts.(Do not over tighten bolts)
4. Recommended to use dual lock strips for placements of the feeder. Attach one strip on each bottom side of feeder. Proceed to attach the other two lock strips on desired surface and complete by placing both together.
Fully Assembled  CRAB Feeder System
For uninterrupted feeding of two liters per color: insert two liters of the same color next to each other and connect the reservoirs with tubing.

Feeder Assembly Setup (view as PDF)

  • 1 Base with wheels
  • 2 Aluminum Sidebars
  • 2 Feeder Brackets
  • 16 False Cartridges
  • 20 Screws (4 big, 16 small)
Feeder Setup
You will need an Allen Wrench to secure the feeder system
1. Secure the aluminum bars onto the base using the (4) four larger screws by positioning the screw track inside the base with wheels.
 Screw Track  Aluminum Bars
2. After regulating the reservoir so that the reservoir is at the same height as the printing heads, slide the feeder bracket into the screw track and secure the feeder bracket with screws.
 Feeder Bracket  Screw Track
3. Slide the second feeder bracket into the opposite end of the screw track and secure with the remaining screws.
 Feeder Bracket  Feeder System
4. Connect the cartridge hoses to the reservoirs, making sure they are level with the printing heads.

Fully Assembled Feeder System
 Fully Assembled Feeder System
All feeder systems come with eight bottles and 16 cartridges . The bottles and cartridges are
removable so you can choose the amount your printer requires.

Materials included in a Standard Feeder System

Base With Wheels

Feeder Set Up

Aluminum Sidebars

Feeder Maintenance

Feeder Brackets

Feeder Brackets

False Cartridges

False Cartridges

Installing Ink Bottles

1. Remove the center cut out from the cap of the J-Teck ink bottle.
Center Cut Out
2. Unscrew the cover from the feeder bracket, exposing the metal spike.
 Unscrew Cover  Unscrewed Cover
3. Slide the top of the ink bottle into the cover then screw the cover back in tightly,
securing the ink bottle onto the metal spike.
 Slide Ink Bottle into Cover  Ink Bottle In Cover