Welcome to J-Teck USA

Top Quality Disperse Dyes for Sublimation Transfer & Direct Print

At J-Teck USA we pride ourselves on moving the sublimation ink industry forward with innovative technology and personal support. We are the U.S. affiliate covering North and South America, providing top quality disperse dyes for sublimation transfer and direct print. Since the start of the company in 2003, we have been the leaders in sublimation ink innovation through the development of several technologies creating higher quality dyes for new- age production printers. J-Teck was the first to invent nanodot technology, cluster technology, and inks without alkyphyenols; all which allow the inks to print on high speed, large format printers while maintaining the same color intensity.

Full Technical Support & Customer Service

The researchers who energetically develop these eco-friendly inks and other products work at the J-Teck home office based in Como, Italy. They offer full technical support to our customers in the U.S. and are always eager to share their knowledge. As a working team, the U.S. office is also readily available to give support. With an easy phone call or e-mail, a J-Teck representative will personally review and address any concerns from the business detail to the technical detail. Our support is here to help every customer from the wide range of markets.

A Full Line of Sublimation Inks

As the inks continuously develop, our markets do too. We offer a full line of sublimation inks for sportswear, fashion, flag and banners, pop signage, snowboards, furniture, home decor and gaming tables. No matter what the product J-Teck inks provide the same color intensity while carrying “green” ingredients.

Green Inks & Eco-Compatibility

Since J-Teck’s beginning, eco-compatibility has been a priority. The inks are water-based dispersed dyes, free of alkylphenolethoxylate. This means they are harmless to the environment. Taking our eco-friendly support an extra measure, All packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials. At J-Teck, our inks are just as important as our environment.